Moto Shooting Day with Moustique

Bike in fog
Intense Biker
adventure awaits

Foto-studio is ready for the moto shooting, every light in place to welcome Steve with his custom Harley Davidson.

Steve (Moustique) is a Harley Davidson motorcycle enthusiast for nearly 20 years. He has invested a significant amount of time and money into customizing his motorcycle to make it unique. He has replaced original parts with high-end components to improve performance and handling. He has also added accessories to give it a more personalized look.

He is also very involved in bikers community, participating in gatherings and events. He enjoys sharing his passion with other enthusiasts and exchanging tips and advice on modifying and maintaining these motorcycles.

Moustique is a true motorbike enthusiast, it is clear that he is deeply attached to his motorcycle and enjoys spending time customizing it to make it a unique vehicle that reflects his personality. It is evident that this passion is a true commitment for him and he will continue to invest time and money into his motorcycle for years to come.

Biker @moustique_bzz

Photographer @schembergerphotographe

Custom Motorbike @harleydavidson

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